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Join us for our next live service!


 Due to Covid 19, we will be providing Virtual Services.  We stream live on Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 10:45 am  


Join in!  Crestview Youth Online Church by Mark and Jordan

Join in for Wednesday Night Service Mar 25th

Music Ministry is very important at Crestview Baptist Church. 

Led by Michael Conard

Celebration occurs every time we enter the presence of God.  Scripture calls this worship and there are many expressions of worship including:  singing, commitment, praying, hearing the Word of God, giving, baptism, meditating, and the celebration of Lord's Supper. 

(Matthew 4:10; John 4:23-24) 

If you are interested in joining the band or Prayz Team, contact the church office @ 828 648 1110.

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Four Hands, Two Grands Concert  December 21 & 22